NORDUnet 2016 E-NREN Lessons Learned

For in-depth information about the NORDUnet Emerging NREN Programme 2016, please take a look at this presentation. It is based on a survey among the 10 Emerging NREN Fellows, conducted immediately after the NORDUnet 2016 conference to identify the benefit of the programme and how to improve it.

The presentation also addresses financial issues and describes post programme activities.

All in all, the initiative received an overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Emerging NREN delegates. Among other things they were asked to point out the most important parts of the programme, and they almost unanimously highlighted the post-conference interest-specific meetings in Copenhagen and Stockholm, and the following informal discussions with NORDUnet staff about management and operations.

When asked about areas for improvement, the delegates suggested a dedicated session about emerging NRENs at the NORDUnet conference, and more time to visit local r&e network facilities.