NORDUnet Mediasite Service


Mediasite Video Platform is an automated and scalable system for creating, publishing, searching and managing all of your video. It lets you focus on the bigger picture–transforming education, accelerating training, personalizing communications and engaging learners.

Mediasite is hosted in the Nordics in the NORDUnet Datacentres and connected directly to the NORDUnet network to deliver a high-quality user experience while supporting thousands of simultaneous video streams and uploads.

Why Mediasite?

  • Centralize, organize and deliver content in a branded video portal
  • Deepen user engagement with dynamic channels, social tools and interactivity
  • Search within any video or across an entire library
  • Import over 100 formats of video
  • Measure content use with sophisticated analytics
  • Control viewer access with role based permissions
  • Pre-packaged Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle and Sakai modules
  • Open standard support for LTI support
  • Single sign-on (SSO) support

Key features

  • Hosted by NORDUnet within the Nordics: content replicated across geographically distributed
  • datacentres and backed up nightly.
  • Secure: SSL encrypted traffic, firewall protection, 24/7 monitoring, access is limited and logged.
  • Traffic is on-net: super-fast upload/download or streaming of videos for NORDUnet -connected
  • NRENs.
  • Cost effective storage and archiving of video content.



The NORDUnet Mediasiteservice is available to all organizations and projects within the Nordic NREN community, through the NREN in each country.