NORDUnet Panopto Service

NORDUnet Panopto Video Content Management Service

Manage, live stream, record and share video with the easy-to-use video platform.

The NORDUnet Panopto Service is based on the Panopto software platform; with a redundant centralized installation hosted in NORDUnet Hosting Centers within the Nordic region. Each organization using the service will get their own administrative instance, which they will be able to manage like a separate installation.

There is an option for external backup of the data contained in the system.

The Panopto platform makes it easy to manage video assets, integrate video into a learning management system, capture lectures, record flipped classroom videos, etc. The service delivers a high-quality user experience while supporting thousands of simultaneous video streams and uploads.

Why Panopto?

  • Video content management system: a centralised, secure place for all your institution’s video and audio files.
  • Recording software for lecture capture: record, edit, schedule or live stream any lecture or event, including easy multi-camera recording capability.
  • Personal recordings: on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices for experiments, assignment assessment, demonstrations, etc.
  • Powerful search: instantly find any word spoken or mentioned in video, PowerPoint or notes. Search inside videos and video library.
  • Flipped classroom: educators can easily record flipped classroom videos or experiments and publish them on many learning management systems. (LMS)
  • LMS integration: tight integration with learning management systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle and Sakai.
  • Video analytics: integration with Google Analytics and other analytics software and detailed reports on audience engagement.
  • Feature rich: screen recording, video editor, embedded interactive quiz in video

Key features

  • Hosted on NORDUnet servers within the Nordics: content replicated across geographically distributed datacentres and backed up nightly.
  • Secure: SSL encrypted traffic, firewall protection, 24/7 monitoring, access is limited and logged.
  • Traffic is on-net: super-fast upload/download or streaming of videos for NORDUnet - connected NRENs.
  • Cost effective storage and archiving of video content.


The NORDUnet Panopto service is available to all organizations and projects within the Nordic NREN community through the NREN in each country.