Real Time Communication

Research and education is by its nature collaborative and global in reach.  Researchers and students engage in a wide range of collaborations with partners from all parts of the world, and need dynamic and flexible access to high-quality comminications platforms. In addition document and data sharing, e-mail, and other network-facilitated services, there is a need for real-time communications. The experience and benefit of such services are enhanced by the unique characteristics of the R&E networks, such as the ability to combine desktop communications with federated indentity-based access, security, and sharing, and the ability to use high-quality video conferencing enable by high speed networking.

Over the years NORDUnet has built up extensive experience in real-time communication services, specifically targeted at the needs of the research and education community. NORDUnet offers range of platforms offering such services. 

NORDUnet services for desktop collaboration, webcasting, videoconferencing, etc. are in general offered through the Nordic NRENs to users in the R&E community. The services provided by NORDUnet allow (Nordic) NRENs to offer a comprehensive set of communications and video conferencing services to campus and mobile users.